Bookshelf Trends You’ll Wanna Copy to Your Home

shift bookshelf idea made of dark finished wood Shopstyle

Bookshelves styling is the part of art. We can express the idea through particular objects we love the most like the bookshelves. The design we choose exactly presents our personal style, and here are the best designs of stylish bookshelves I personally take from the most recommended online sources. I wish you get inspired from this page.

From the perfect angle, the bookshelves looks so stunning; the design serves minimalism and they’re visually light. The ornate greenery makes the space fresher and naturally beautiful. A perfect choice for Scandinavian lovers.

This recessed bookshelf seem to be a perfect match for your reading nook. By exposing minimal design and small size, this shelving unit will keep making your space space-efficient and cozily gives you more space for other purposed rooms.

This built-in bookcase accommodates a well-organized book collections, making this space very tidy and cozy to see. You can use the top of bookcase optimally for displaying the other books, decorative items, and even your frames. A comfy leather pouf, the most matched pair for such bookcase, is originally from Morocco.

A simple wood book rack with the books well-arranged by size. Fabric on back of rack is decorative, adding a dramatic accent on wall. Again, the presence of little houseplants here gives natural appeal.

The bookcase is light and simple. Each section is unbalanced and shaped in two different kinds of shape: rectangular & square. Such design, of course, adds special character to any home libraries or reading nooks.

What a playful shape! The whole design looks like a tree complete with some animal stuffs. This bookshelf perfectly fits the kids’ imaginative world.

You can optimize your corner rack for an effective book storage solution. It’s very possible to put all favorite collections, including your books, beautifully & tidily. With this idea, you’ve made an instant way to add a display corner to your room.

Two-sided bookcase idea. I just realize that this bookcase is made of old crates. Creative & innovative! We just need to paint and to arrange them into such designed. Lot of sections are provided; effective for keeping the books, small antiques, or even ornaments.

Shift bookshelf idea. Its unique shape makes this shelf looks so trendy, a perfect option for living room or private library. Its medium size seems forcing us to just keep some most favorite books on it. Take the rest of space for displaying some small decorative pieces.

Lower shift shelf idea; special-designed product for chair-less home library. It must be more fun & relaxed to read the favorite books while comfortably sitting on or just laying down on the floors. Surely you need your pillow to do this.

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