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Red Tiled Swimming Pool Red Tiled Pool Border Beautiful Green Scenery White Patio Flooring Black Deck Chair Red Curtain Grass Outdoor Ground
Blue Mosaic Tiled Table In Swimming Pool Relaxing Swimming Pool With Blue Mosaic Tiles White Flooring Some Refreshing Waterfalls Green Massive Container Black Floor Lamps
White Wall Black Lantern Warm Swimming Pool In Cold Weather Metal Pool Handle Blue Mosaic Tiles Swimming Pool White Framed Windows White Container
Beautiful Beach Like Swimming Pool Beautiful Beach View Round Grey Easy Chair Grey Black Brown Pillows Seamless Border With Sand Like Stones
Amazing Infinity Pool Metal Pool Hndle White Tiled Swimming Pool With Blue Decorative Pool White Concrete Pool Border Beautiful Beach Scenery
Sand Like Stone As Pool Entry Natural Beautiful Swimming Pool Beautiful Scenery Gre Concrete Pool Border Raw Stone Wall Divider Gorgeous Small Waterfall
Blue Mosaic Tiled Swimming Pool Amazing Infinity Pool Tree In The Middel Of Pool As Decoration Black Fence White Brick Wall City And Beach View
White Contemporary Curved Seats Gorgeous Infinity Pool Calming Beach Scenery Grey Stone Pool Border White Patio White Wall Brown Chairs Grey Concrete Patio Flooring
Unique Round Low Table Dark Brown Deck Chair Beige Tiled Ceramic Flooring White Patio Umbrella Wood Curved Seats With Whit Chusionc Infinity Pool With Blue LED Lighting
Gorgeous Infinity Pool Stone Tiled Flooring Grey Concrete Pool Border Half Round Ceramic Spa Border Beautiful Beach Scenery

Whether you try to renovate your swimming pool or make it a new one, you should think about the design carefully. Swimming pool is a place for exercising and relaxing your mind, besides, it can be a beautiful decoration for your backyard. Here you will see some of the best swimming pool designs around the world.

Infinity pool is the best design if you want to blend your pool with nature surrounded. Many villas, hotels, or inns near beach usually provide an infinity pool. The infinity pool makes you feel swimming in the beach directly. Moreover, your body and mind will totally relax because you can only hear the sound wave. The pool shape does not have to be square because half-round shape is also captivating since it creates a limitless pool.

With cozy lounge and bright cabana next to the pool, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset with your lover. Contemporary curved seats are also a good choice if you are interesting in modern style. If you worry of the cold wind, you can add a hot tub facing the beach beside the pool to keep you warm. For a house that is far from the beach, making smooth edge with sand-colored stone is a wonderful idea if you want to create a beach scene.

Indoor swimming pool is also a good choice if you do not have a large backyard. Like the picture below, you can see a modern swimming pool with colorful art glass installed in the bottom of the pool. Decorating the pool with some waterfalls or even slide will make it more attractive. Do not forget also put LED light at the edge or bottom of the pool to enjoy night swimming.

Reference: architecturendesign.net

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