Make Your Post Envious with Brick Mailbox Designs

Post. It is no longer as popular as it was the past, but still some institutions use post as the main media to communicate with letter and some other stuff. Maybe, some generations ahead will take post as a vintage thing that only some odd people deal with. However, with the feeling of romance, a letter could be more meaningful than other way of communication like texting or telephoning. To make your post envious, some brick mailbox designs are ready to help you!

Taking rustic style to steal vintage look is truly amazing. An arched designed mailbox keeps it rustic look with plenty of awe awaiting. It is shaped like there is a gate and a home inside, and the home is the mailbox.

Then, a red brick mailbox could be the next awesome design that will color your front yard with amusing tone. It looks simpler than the previous design, and the planter added in the bottom side is helpful to add more flower for adorable and beautiful summer look!

Combining two material at once to the brick mailbox is a perfect idea, so the reddish tone of the brick will contrast the rustic stone application. In its boxy look, it is just as elegant as the shape!

Further, a bird cage shaped brick mailbox can be the most adorable one. Not only with the cute top design, but the ombre look of the brick itself brings appeal that is undeniable. Then, even a home shaped brick mailbox is awesome! It shapes the miniature of your house, so it is worth to own!


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