Brilliant Ideas of Small Reading Nooks

reading nook wall mounted bookshelves red brick wall piled daybed mattresses throw pillows striped and textural area wood floors Apartment Therapy

When people ask what the most favorite routine when having so much spare time or long holiday is staying at home with a lot of favorite books. If you think so, a reading nook becomes the most important thing to build for accommodating this fun activity.

If you don’t have any idea where you should build the reading nook, just use the unused corner for a fun and cozy spot specifically designed just for reading. Small isn’t really matter, just add something pleasing and delightfully comfortable to this space. Well, in this opportunity I would like to share some ideas to build a cozy & stylish reading nooks even to the smallest space.

Inspired from Desire to Inspire, this built-in alcove consists of two different space separated by concrete wall. One is functioned as a small study room and another is a cozy reading nook. Each chamber serves different storage solution. The open shelves are designed on top of small bench seat, giving an ideal space for book storage. So inspiring.

Just re-use the end of narrow space for a comfy reading nook. Like previous post, a built-in bench still be favorite for a save-space seating area and complete it with the glass window which is offering extraordinary view outside. It must be best spot for heavily lazy time.

cozy reading nook white armchair with blanket and striped throw pillow ottoman table in white black painted wood side table bookshelves in white white chandelier

Apartment Therapy

Nah, a reading nook with an armchair in corner and high book rack as its background is another best idea if you say that a window seat is impossible. Just add a center table or a side table for complementary pieces as well as for serving your favorite cups of coffee/ tea.

high built in bookshelves in white white lounge chaise natural fiber basket with handle floor lamp with white lampshade


If the space is too small, the built-in bookshelves are the brilliant option since they just take much less space and make the space well-organized. Here, a lounge chaise completes this reading nook performance, and a floor lamp behind the chaise becomes the only lighting source for the reader. Interesting!

reading nook wall mounted bookshelves red brick wall piled daybed mattresses throw pillows striped and textural area wood floors

Apartment Therapy

Add much more coziness by furnishing your existed reading nook with such a daybed mattress and a pile of throw pillows. To make it fluffier and higher, just pile two mattresses; this of course is not only becoming a comfy spot for reading, but it also being the coziest one to fall asleep.

Actually, reading can be everywhere, including in your bedroom or even in changing room. The things you need are just a cozy seat, peaceful nuance, and calming space. Like this one; the setting just consists of a single rocking chair and two wicker hampers which also act like the side tables. Creative!

Personally, I really love this spot. It simply brings me much more joy while reading my books. I can find my happiness when I just open up the door and see my ‘paradise’. No need to take much time to comfortably sit on and enjoy my books. It just takes a few minutes to settle down and spends my hours in this chair.

A hallway where we can stop for a while and start reading the favorite books piled on the bench. At the end of room, we’ll find a study nook complete with the furniture. The setting is so ideal with the centered window for beautiful and freshening sighs and fresh greenery/ houseplant.

Be creative; you can re-use the old and small closet for a cozy home office as well as a reading corner. Just add the open bookshelves and built-in table for accommodating the reading routine. Make sure you’ve prepared a proper lighting.

Create your own reading nook just by using unused mattresses designed as comfy as a real chair, and function it as a bay window. To energize and to live up the environment, just add some houseplants growing on small pots.

I like the concept; simplicity brings much of functional and stylish setting. This reading nook just exposes a black leather chair highlighted by vividly red accent pillow and a modern floor lamp. A fury black rug and framed painting are just the complementary ornaments.

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