Brilliant Ways To Make Expensive-Look Home

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Ideally, we may have a world-class design to make our home exclusively sophisticating, comfortable, and luxurious, but reality says big no. Money runs out excessively. Happily, there is a change to reach what we’re dreaming of. There are some genius methods to re-design home becoming more exclusive & expensive-look without ripping our wallet. With some samples of design and tricky techniques, we can re-create new spaces that feel so regal on look.

Well, to make you convinced about this, we have collected some interiors that have been re-decorated by professionals, and these are the updates.

Flowers are always Freshening

You don’t need much of budget for mega-luxury to your interiors. Just be simple; a cheap bouquet of flowers you’ve bought from your favorite flower store, or you may take flowers from your own garden. These fresh flowers, of course, would be an instant way to add luxury to your home. But remember, it’s important to manage your flowers; separate them by stem kind and arrange them beautifully. Make some and put them in several spots of interiors. It’s necessary to get along the green leaves as they’re effective in making a natural color contrast. Use the clear glass planters or pots for a minimalist complements. They would be so beautiful.

Throw Pillows

Sofas, chairs, drapes, and throws with same texture and fabric will certainly make the space flat. Just do a little change only by adding some throw pillows for a bland texture and dimension to the space. The colors are free; it’s better to match the selected hues with the existed ones.

Dramatic Curtains 

Luxurious and expensive homes are really identical with high-ceiling ones obviously flooded by big amount of natural light. Just focus on it and make it a statement by completing these ceilings with stunning curtains. You may not direct the curtains straightly above the windows’ top, just put the curtains fully from the base of ceilings. This surely will stimulate the eye to stare up.

Or the sheer curtains will work to such space. Their semi-transparent look will help softening the natural light coming through the windows. Such warmth and coziness are the real manifestation of expensive feel.

Uncluttered Stuffs are Better

uncluttered living room minimalist furniture set clay burnt planter jute area rug huge pendant


Messy and cluttered are far from chic, and the things uncluttered look cheap and bad. Re-do all your stuffs and make them well-organized. You may keep some most favorites to expose to, but remember to just select those that feel interesting or functional. It’s proven.

Provide more storage space for busy room, so all stuffs can be well-organized.

This hairpin-leg wooden table is so minimalist but offers small space for storage. You can use this for putting your books or just decorative items in this space. Very lovely – make this space looks so simple, clean, and of course uncluttered.

Single-Colored Wall 

Simple single-colored wall is another trick to give huge impact to your room. All-white wall, for instance, is visually pure, clean, and elegant. You just need to complement it with other matte neutral furnishings like this matte gray-headboard bed.

Yes, this looks a little bit monotone but thanks to this black floor that offers another textural hue.

muted green wall houseplant on clear glass pot shabbier area rug white bed linen


You may also try another hue for your wall. Muted colors like this muted green. It offers elegance as well as expensive look in this space.

Rug: Little but Precious

For base, use rug as a statement-maker. Rug isn’t merely functional fabrics to make the feet warm while walking in, it’s also decorative. Its texture, color, and pattern surely take huge role in bringing back the luxury. Yes, rug will add something to your space.

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