Bring Your Favorite Fashion Trends into Your Home

outdoor mat in round shape and in neutral color Anthropologie

Again – polka dots nowadays appear as the most popular fashion trend in the world. Previously, this 2D ball-like pattern has been forgotten and been left for a few years ago, but today it magically jumps onto super stylish trend that comes back in fashion world. Interestingly, polka dots are now becoming new inspiration for most home designers, especially interior designers, whose put this simple pattern as the stylish theme on their masterpiece. And now I want to share ten inspiring ideas of polka dot trends I’ve found for homes.

Inspired from Madonna era, these black & white polka dots are so iconic and really make a chic look. The patterns show a simple but perfect circles. The circles are designed in high contrast white & black that brings a classic look. To get the most stunning style, feature your black – white polka dots with a minimal interior design, or I really recommend a zero color to complete such polka dots theme.

If you want to showcase your favorite polka dots but doesn’t want to make them to dominate in your room, just add another characterful pattern probably can a bit take a place the polka dots. The pattern of animal skin, for instance, is a brilliant idea to include in such room. So here, you’ll find more than one primary patterns in room.

If you really love polka dots but feel bored with the ‘Minnie Mouse’ ones, just veer off those mainstream circles. Make your base of home much more stunning just with this trendy door mat. The mat is made of coir fiber for the surface and vinyl for the back. This product can also be used as an outdoor mat.

Talking about the aesthetic share, we simply can do it by a minimal approach. With black-white look, for instance, convince me to produce a s simple but quite huge impact in aesthetic creation. These black polka dots holders look so perfect when featuring simply white wall, displaying a contrasting look. Collaborate them with natural palettes, especially the warm ones for more attractive outputs.

There is no need to highlight your spot only with one or two colors. Multicolored polka dots have represented what you want, fun! So, mix your polka dots up with any kinds of pop of colors you love the most. Like this delightfully dotted bedding treatment; it’s an object of attractiveness the designer creates after the big parrot print above the bed. Great idea!

Once again, polka dots are fun. But if you like a more fun ‘party’, add stripes, plaids, or florals to your favorite spots. It’s always fun to mix multi patterns in one frame. Yes, the result is too ‘crowded’ but it can be the mood-booster. Just pick the cohesive palettes for a safe result.

Polka dots and pastels are the most perfect complement, really recommended for a soft-neutral setting of interior. Complete the setting with playful accessories with rounded shapes to match those polka dots. Or, make it more fun with decorative paper-made balls designed in pop of colors. To make it much more sparkling, put some glowing brass accessories in room.

If you like bold color palettes, just use them for making your room highly stands out. This seating nook, for instance, obviously displays so much glams of colors. The seat with fun colors adds more the richness of textural palettes, creating a fun nuance while being in such spot.

Gold-toned polka dots aren’t enough, you need more color palettes for a richer tone. Boldly peach color looks so matched as the complementary color of this space. Those colors are exactly different but perform a luxury to this space.

What an amazing setting! A trendy kid’s room with baby pink walls and polka dots rug. Here, the designer takes a traditional metal bed for a classic look, but with fun color palettes discovered on wall decor, wall color, and rug selections, the space looks so fun.

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