Broom Closets: Tips to Keep Cleaners and Cleaning Supplies Well-Organized

Broom closets help you to keep the cleaners and cleaning supplies, including the brooms, well-organized. But, sometimes you are mad when you open the closet’s door, the brooms or other cleaning supplies jump out practically and attack you. That makes you mad, right? You have to re-organize them properly. To prevent the similar case happens to you, there are some tips of how to organize the cleaners and cleaning supplies in your closet.

First, empty the broom closets and give away the cleaning supplies you don’t use. Then, switch them to biodegradable storage. If you have some rag bags, throw the extra one out from the closet. Second, before buying broom closet, it is better for you to make a plan how you will use the room. Consider these points: Use vertical broom closet to increase the storage capacity and use the regular broom closet for a large room. A vertical broom closet is the best solution for limited space as it can make the room wider while the closet is installed there. Regular broom closets are wells done for storing all cleaning items.

Third, organize cleaning tools based on the use frequency. It means that you have to store the most frequently used items like broom and vacuum cleaner at the base or bottom of the closet. Another way to be easier in reaching the most often used item is by keeping the item at an easily accessible spot of broom closets. By hanging the brooms, for instance, in closet’s back door, and hanging on the mops, brush, and dustpan in wall-mounted hooks is also good idea.

Fourth, make the categories of cleaners based on function and room kinds. Categorizing the cleaners based on function can be identified into two functions: countertop and floor functions. Then, there are two main categories of cleaners based on the room kinds. The categories are kitchen room and bathroom. By practicing these tips, organizing the cleaners and cleaning supplies are not actually the boring one, is it right?


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