Great Ideas of Brown and Gray Living Room for Modern-Designed Homes

simple modern living room in grey grey mid century modern sofa modern floor lamps with black lampshades mid century modern chair and tables white shag rug MEERO

When you’re figuring out brown and gray, probably you’ll see they look so boring and old. Most people may think these two color schemes are boring and don’t wanna make them as the primary schemes for their loved things, including home. But actually, it will be differently interesting if we combine them in right proportion. For interior, they’re better used for layout that dominates the space. This means, it’s okay to make them as the background color of living room.

Brown and gray living room is challenging to adopt, especially for us who are so curious about the color combination. To add more references, here I have collected ten inspiring ideas of brown and gray living room complete with other color compilations that surely will encourage us to use these colors. Let’s check them out.

It’s always lovely to pick up modern style as the main concept for living room. It’s clean lined and minimalist in all pieces of interior, including furnishings and supporting things (wall arts, etc). Brown here isn’t found on wall or furnishing, but on the light effect produced by the recessed interior lighting fixtures between the wall and ceilings. So creative!

This living room is adorable. The designer uses two shades, grey and brown, as the major shades of interior. Interestingly, the brown is obtained from natural woods beautifully applied on floors and handcrafted wall panel. Grey furnishings here absolutely complement the space, bringing a modern look through the design.

Some antiques such as shabby leather armchair and leather round coffee table fill this modern living room. They look so striking among this dominant grey interior, giving a nice color combination of grey and brown.

Get the brown from nature like this natural wood wall panel that prettily garnishes this mid century modern living room, and use grey-painted concrete for another wall. This idea instantly brings modernity with natural touch.

Grey-brown doesn’t have to be in the same proportion. You can make grey or brown just as the color accent. In this living room, for example, the ‘lazy’ chair and its tables are referred to be trendy focal points as well as the color accent. This wood color, particularly, has added the texture and pattern of tone, also automatically add more the richness to this living room.

A contemporary living room accented by a cluster light and artwork that create creative & artistic focal points. Indeed, the bold shades are found in the artworks, but grey and brown here also take a crucial role in creating a cohesive color combination in this room.

A mini living room idea for more private use, the best alternative for having some private conversation with friends or other close individuals. The bricks aren’t actual bricks, but they’re just wallpaper purchased in modern rustic wallpaper showroom nearby. And ‘Dad’ chair has unique design, the best pair for both the table and the floor lamp.

Not too much brown, just a bit in a couple of chairs. Actually, I’m interested more in playful shapes and patterns implemented on facade and artworks. They’re so lovely and inspiring.

Simple living room with Asian appeal. The layout is well-arranged and neat without missing out the nature existence like the greens.

Three shades (brown, black, and grey) perfectly tie this trendy living room. Formal furniture set makes this room so valuable. I can say the furniture is best in layout.

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