Brushed Nickel Bathroom Mirror as Sweet Wall Decoration

Vanity mirror takes significant role for bathroom. It brings functional and decorative value. Vanity mirror installed in bathroom wall is commonly framed with various frame materials, such as wood, metals, and others. Brushed nickel is only one of metals commonly used to frame the bathroom mirror. Like other bathroom mirrors, brushed nickel bathroom mirror are available in many designs. Each design, of course, follows the mirror’s shape and the frames become the decorations for bathroom mirrors.

Brushed nickel bathroom mirror series are produced in many options of shape and size. These wide options allow us to be free in selecting the best one that matches your style and need. Whatever the shape you’re searching for, there are so many options to choose from. The options include rectangular, square, round, oval, and diamond-cut. Nickel frames are produced in two types: plain brushed nickel frames and crafted nickel frames.

If you love classic style, you can add a classic nickel-framed bathroom mirror in your bathroom. A classic-style bathroom mirror commonly uses crafted nickel as the mirror frame. Classic style highlights detailed elements existing in bathroom mirrors. Many contemporary bathroom mirrors with brushed nickel frames are also produced to enhance customers’ need, especially those loving modern bathroom design.

Want to see the series of brushed nickel bathroom mirror? Just check our gallery. You’ll find so many choices of bathroom mirrors with brushed nickel frames.


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