Build Your Own Bunk Bed

It must be really fantastic if we can build our own bunk bed. You can also try it at home to add one more bunk bed in your home. Actually it is simple to build up a bunk bed. You can use unused wood boards or wood panels. Some tools and additional materials also need to be prepared before starting your project. And now it is your turn to build your own bunk bed. To start with, see these steps.

First step of build your own bunk bed, let’s begin with removing the baseboard from wall system. This spot will be used to attach the wood cleats. Both sideboard and headboard of bed are to be integrated into the wall. Remove the baseboard by using saw, pry-bar, and chisel. Second, begin to attach the wood cleats on wall system. Measure the wall first, then give mark for placing the wall cleats. Be sure that the cleats position is closest to the wood panel. It should be for about ¾ inch as the gap between the panel’ edge and wood cleat. This gap will be used as the vacant room where you put decorative items later. Fasten the wood cleats to the wall system by using nails and adhesive. Do the similar steps for the opposite part of bed.

Third, attach molding, headboard, and foot-board of bed. Take the position of headbaoard in place and attach it to the wood cleats. For the corner, add the molding especially in the meeting point of bed and panel. Fasten the molding with nails. Now let’s attach the foot-board. The steps are similar. Take the position of center panel and start to attach it to wall system directly with nails.

Fourth, install the sideboard of bed and add the mattress and trundle. Trundle here is optional. You can add it or not, based on needs. Use a sliding trundle on base of bunk. Don’t forget to add plywood board as the supporter of mattress. Put mattress on lower and upper of bunk. The final step of build your own bunk bed, install the ladder. Attach the ladder from the base of bunks.


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