Built In Shower Shelves

When having a plan of bathroom remodel, consider yourself to complete a built in shower shelves in your new bathroom. They are practical and smart to add more storage spaces for body soap, shampoo, and other bath-supplies. You even can build such shower shelves by yourself by following these steps. First, use the stud finder to find out the space between stud and another stud where you are going to build up your shelves. Be sure that the space is large enough to store your body soap, shampoo, and others.

Second, at this point, cut the small rectangle off. Make sure that there is no pipe or other studs. If everything is good, go on to cut that area larger by using the handheld round saw. After finishing your cuts, clean any excess debris out with using the shop vac. Third, see what is behind your shelf wall. Use a plywood board as the back-wall of your built in shower shelves. Also, build the frame for supporting your shelves.

Fourth, when the frame is set properly, ensure yourself that the frame is leveled. If it is not, add the leveling thinset. Then, use five pieces of plywood-boards and apply each for the four sides of shelves and one for the back-wall of shelf. Fifth, add the thinset adhesive inside your recessed shelf and give butter on back of plywood-board.

Sixth, attach tile backer tape and give quick-drying thinsets for each seam that has been completed with tile backer tape. Then, coat all seams with water resistant liquid (it may be AquaDefense). Do the similar step to entire parts of shelf. Seventh, give tile-cuts along the edge of shelf to create integrate design and lines of grout. Still use the pieces of tile-cuts, apply these cuts for entire area of shelf. Don’t forget to use tape to keep the tiles in place. The last, let the grout works according to manufacturer’s direction and seal the grout lines. Your project of building your built in shower shelves is finished.

Reference: www.apartmenttherapy.com

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