Creative Idea of Butcher Block Coffee Table

What do you feel when you have a coffee table with a butcher block idea? Since this kind of coffee table is rarely found in many house. Showing some pictures of butcher block coffee table which can inspire you.

Let us take sample from the picture, there is nice classic thick butcher block coffee table with nice three legs. This coffee table is quite heavy to be lifted. You still can have other design which has smaller design. This butcher block coffee table is not too heavy.

Those two samples are two extreme coffee table made of butcher block. there is butcher block coffee table which is well planned with nice model. This coffee table in fact is lower than the others and has nice metal legs. Other design has the same size but it isn’t made of bamboo.

If you want the higher one, there is also coffee table which has higher design. This butcher block coffee table showed in the picture has nice wooden legs in black accent. Moreover, the surface of the table is very adorable with wood tiles design. This is the best butcher block coffee table for now. You can choose one of those samples design anyway.


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