Cafe Curtain Rods

Cafe curtain rods are the perfect choices for you who are searching for stylish rods and ring clips for your curtains. There are many options of shape and materials, so you have wide choices of products to choose from. The shape of cafe curtain rods include ball, square, knob, and trumpet pointed rods. Each variant is also designed in different diameter. The diameter presents the size of the rod.

Cafe curtain rods can be applied for both, indoor and outdoor window curtains. They are also able to accommodate any types of window and door curtains. Many people use them for supporting their kitchen window curtain, large glass window curtain, and even patio draperies. The rods are also capable of supporting heavy and large curtains as well, like a floor to ceiling window curtains.

Cafe curtain rods are available in several style options. The options are classic/ traditional, modern/ contemporary, minimalist, and rustic. Choose one that fits your interior decor style. All cafe curtain rods are easy to install and to maintain. You don’t have to spend much money to maintain your new window curtain rods.

To see more designs of cafe curtain rods, please look around them in our gallery. The designs probably can be your new references when you have plan of buying the new series of curtain rods.


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