Gorgeous Cantilevers for Daring Architecture

Lifting your living space off the ground will be a fun way to create an unconventional house. If you love to have a unique house, cantilever can make your house differs from others. Some reasons appear when people decide to try this unusual architecture, and one of them is to gain the outdoor space. For you who only has a small backyard, cantilever architecture is the perfect solution. Moreover, it can create shades over the ground under it and giving a special outdoor space to the room above it. The following pictures show how cantilever can appear in many ways sophisticatedly.

Most of the poles of the cantilevers use steel as the material because it provides strong support towards the high up living space. The rest cantilever owners use wood, or even use nothing for supporting the lifting space because it still can be resisted by the lower structure, and of course, it does not have very long raising room. The height of the cantilever depends on the height of the first floor or the landscape beneath it. Therefore, it can be quite low or rather high. For a nice touch, the owner of the house usually installs wood exterior ceiling or metal panel, so it can add a comfortable ambience for patio, house entrance, or terrace on the lower level.

The use of the cantilever is to create a unique outdoor hangout space without building another roof or shade. It will be perfect if the cantilever is right above your backyard with swimming pool beside it. It can protect you from the hot sun when you are chilling out in the pool or just enjoy the cool breeze with your spouse.

reference: houzz.com

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