Eleven Gorgeous, Inspiring Pergola Designs for Homes

unique pergola with geometric roof and screen

Pergola is a great solution to enjoy the views outside the house without disturbing your comfort. With unique structure, of course your pergola adds beauty to your exterior. Functionally, pergolas provide the shade & characterful style to patio, landscape, and exterior. That’s why many people today are so interested in


Need Stylish & Functional Fence System for Your Home? These Wooden Fences Ideas are the Best Choices

modern wood fences with lot of sections

Wooden fences are mostly decorative but they can also be protective by adding security features on them. Design also affects what actually the fences are created for. For security guard, the designer prefers higher ones; they’re also built with pointed shape on each top panel. We just need to add


Creative Flower Arrangements for Exteriors that Bring A Blossoming Setting

PVC Pipe planters for decorative flowers

Flower arrangements for exteriors aesthetically add special beauty. There are so many ideas of flower arrangements you may adopt for more trendy and stylish home exteriors, but in this page, I just wanna share those potentially applicable for small or limited space of exteriors where we often get much difficulty


Top Ten Garden Trends Inspired from Pro Gardeners

minimalist garden setting idea green bed in white subway tile planters

Wanna have garden or something fresh & green in your home? Yes, you’re in right place. Whether you wanna upgrade the garden you’ve already had or re-design a new garden, we have collected top garden trends inspired from pro gardeners and experts. Feel the peacefulness among these blossoming flowers. Take


Ten Modern Concrete Hardscape Applications for Homes

midcentury modern exterior idea concrete stepstones in rectangular shape wood siding exterior wall wood arbors secured by ceilings

The outdoor and home landscape becomes the areas that need to care of, especially if we love spending our spare time outside. To make these areas ‘cleaner’ from bushes and weeds, concrete hardscape becomes one of best alternatives. There are some benefits of implementing concrete hardscape floorings. One of them


Ten Creative Gazebo Lighting Ideas that Could Light Your Landscape Up

patio with sparkling pergola black red outdoor furniture set

Gazebo is one of best spots to relax, but when at night, is it still the coziest place to have relaxation? It will be the same if you have turned it into the most enchanting one. The solution is by attaching some gazebo lighting fixtures. Lighting up your gazebo isn’t


Adorable Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Eclectic Exterior Homes

backyard patio idea bulb strings lighting fixtures half way private fencing system light blue metal outdoor furniture set large sized paving floors

Outdoor lighting ideas for landscape, porch, or backyard take the important role for exterior beauty. A well-lit lighting should be both decorative and functional. You have hundreds option of outdoor lighting fixtures which are categorized in several types of products such as wall sconces, bulb pendants, outdoor chandeliers, modern bar


Fancy Your Home’s Exterior & Landscape with These Inspiring Home Fencing Ideas

eclecting backyard landscaping idea shabby and stained wood fencing idea with lightweight metal nets support

Fences cannot only secure the space and mark the boundaries, they can also frame the home landscaping, front yard, back yard, patio, and even porch. Aesthetically, they are commonly used as the highlights to home landscape designs, being the direct focal points of frontage. Selecting one that fits your personal


Pictures of Dog Houses: Give New Inspirations When Selecting the Best House for Your Lovely Dog

Dog houses are small sheds that are generally built in real shape of house. The size of dog house, of course,is smaller than the real house. The dog house can only accommodate one dog inside the room. This construction is intended as the shelter for a dog in which the


Some Stylish Modern Built in Hot Tub Design that Will Make Your Day Even Relaxing

What is your plan on the next weekend? Are you going to on a vacation, or you just stay at home with your beloved family? Yeah, it is not always vacation can make you a bit fresh, but sometimes relax at home gives your body restful nuance to be ready