Magic Colors that Not Only Can Aesthetically Improve The Home Value But Also Self-Relaxing

deep blue brick walls white round top side tables with cage like base light gray accent chair with gray knitted blanket

Have you known that the colors can affect the individual’s psychology? Definitely yes. Carl Jung, a famous psychotherapist, says that all color hues have deep meanings and their implementation, including for homes, can potentially give positive effect to the homeowners’ psychology. From this, it’s clear that it’s important for us


Tile Installation Ideas Now On Hottest Trend

metro tile installation from Topp Tiles in mustard with bright grouts

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’re tile obsessive. Indoors, outdoors, walls, and floors could be more impressing they’re finished in proper and artsy tile options and we don’t mind about the patterns and colors to apply with; they must be amazingly make any space gorgeous and bring


Interior-Exterior Timber Cladding Texture for Trendy & Naturally Textured Look

wood planks shaped in herringbone patterns rocking chair with gray cushion

It’s always amazing to choose the wall treatments for both interior and exterior of home. Like other people, we surely want to get the best look simply from the wall treatment we’ve chosen. There are many options of wall treatments provided and timber cladding is just one of the most


Wall Texture Options for Walls’ Ultimate and Stylish Look

raw concrete wall in natural gray modern accent pendant in light gray modern chair in gray

There are several options of wallcovering that can altering the walls into a stylish one. Each idea can help you to get the creative and aesthetic interior wall design. It’s optional to choose the wallcovering you wanna apply for your walls. You have stone cladding, upcycled palettes, ceiling medallions, stencils,


Tricks To Panel Up The Walls with Wood Wall Cladding That Can Add Texture & Dimension

white wood wall panelling claw foot bathtub with black finish dark wood plank floors

Do you feel there is a lack of dimension and texture on your home’s walls? Probably wall cladding ideas will be your best solution. Making wall visually interesting and stylish, it’s not easy but being my obsession for years. We all know that there are so many trends for walls,


Hate Dark Palettes? This Will Ruin Your Opinion

Nordic colored wall idea dramatic white bed curtain dark blue duvet cover gray bed linen deep turquoise throw blanlet whitewashed wood plank floors

Maybe dark color schemes are rarely picked up as the primary tone for house due to the produced effects like depressed and gloomy feel; but the truth is when the schemes are applied correctly, they’re full of life, beautifully dramatic, elegant, and cozy. Like these ideas, you’ll be impressed with


These Adorable Wall Treats Make Your Visiting Guests Stop and Always Want To Stare At

flower print wall decor in huge size

It must be fun when you successfully make your visiting guests stop and adore your wall decors in your living room. The wall decors here are more than decorative pieces, but they are the reflection of your personal style and lifestyle well implemented through the artworks. Wall decors come in


Step Forward – Subway Tile- These Trends are Gonna Be Rising in 2019

warm and relaxed feel bathroom gloss subway tile walls in white wood floors dramatic curtains in broken white simple wood chair wood like bathtub gray rug

We’ll never be bored when we’re talking about these two kinds of tile; yes, there are subway and hexagon tiles. Both are not the most favorite options, but they’re obviously overused for most numbers of homes. When applied, these tiles are always classic and won’t go out of style. Even


Ten Adorable Wallcovering Designs: Colors, Features, Prints, and Textures Expressing Your Personal Style

muted duck egg colored wallcovering product light gray couch with throws

When discussing about the color trend for home decor & architecture, one thing that we want to share more is the wallcovering in which there are so many options of wallcovering products for interiors and exteriors. But in this opportunity, we just want to specifically present those whose neutral color