Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod Ideas

Ceiling mount curtain rod ideas do not only be discovered as the complementary or accessory for large glass window/ door. We can find the similar type of curtain rod for the bed furniture as the ceiling mount curtain rod canopy bed. It offers a great and luxurious look for space. Most home interior designers agree that the use of ceiling mount curtain rods is one of most innovative ideas to create a ‘sweet’ interior decor. They add dramatic look to the room itself. These rods also help you to create a tricky visual effect to a small room. The room with ceiling mount curtain rod let people visiting the room will see larger room. That’s so fantastic, right?

If you are the big fans of ceiling mount curtain rod ideas, there are wide options of theme. Any themes you choose be sure that the selected one fits your room decor theme. The themes most often loved are modern, rustic, and classic. Each theme can be identified from its look or color scheme.

Classic-themed ceiling mount curtain rods, for instance, is commonly manufactured with craftsman or any details of feature. They’re totally different to modern one that is simple, less feature, and elegant. About rustic-themed rods, they play more on color scheme presented on all parts of rods. Darker earthy-brown, brushed iron rods in deep brown color, and stain colors that look like natural wood’s colors are three main color options for rustic ceiling mount curtain rods.

Before shopping ceiling mount curtain rod, here are some simple steps of installing a new ceiling mount curtain rod on the window. First, measure and give the mark on each of bracket of the rod. Second, install the anchor. Use the power drill to install the anchor (especially for you who want to install the double curtain rods). Third, attach the screws to brackets. Be sure that the curtain hardware is sturdy, so it’s going to be long last to support the curtain. The last, hang your curtains onto the rods, and then insert the finished rods into the brackets.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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