Chair Rail Molding Ideas: Simple Sophistication to Add Texture on Plain Wall

Every time you want to decorate your home, the first thing comes to your mind must be adding color. Sometimes pattern also takes place to give simple altercation. However, I guess you should think beyond color and pattern. Texture is also a nice feature you need to add in every interior. Then, chair rail molding idea could be a simple sophistication to add texture on plain wall.

Still, you need to consider about color combination once creating chair rail molding in your interior. I suggest you to have green and white compound as they represent fresh, modern and also cheerful. Long vertical rectangle pattern gives taller effect to the wall, and it slims the room as well. Being side by side with the dutch door is such a great outlook.

The next idea brings you to love elegant awe. It shows perfect mixture of white and creamy tone in a house with wooden floor. The nuance is just casual, but it shares luxury silently. Large rectangle pattern must be the core of the chair rail molding, and the smaller texture give perfection to add appealing accent.

Meanwhile, for strong and brave compound, black and white come with its firm outlook. Not only for the wall, it steals everybody attention to texture the beam aside the wall with the same chair rail molding design. Thanks to the wall palette to give happiness on dark nuance.

Triple combination is a brand new style to avoid boredom. Narrow and large pattern are applied for more playful result. Green for every inner look gives flashing surprise for every eye. Even the palette above looks melted on the design pretty well.


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