Feel Ultimate Comfort with Cherry Wood Sleigh Bed Series

Sleigh bed furniture is a classic bed design which can work perfectly in contemporary or traditional bedroom style. This bed is designed in various finishes and styles. The styles we can find at furniture outlets include cottage/ vintage, French-style, etc. upholstered beds and contemporary leather beds are two most popular finishes for such sleigh bed.

Based on material of bed construction, some solid woods such as mahogany, cherry, and oak become the best materials used by bed manufacturers to produce the series of sleigh bed. Cherry wood sleigh bed and two other materials have their own characteristic, especially seen from durability, texture, and tone of color. Wide ranges of size are produced to meet customers’ needs and taste. Whether the sizes you need, all sizes (single, queen, king, and super-king), they are available for you.

Perhaps just few people know about sleigh bed. Sleigh bed is a type of bed which has particular characteristic. Curved legs and scrolled headboard become the elements distinguishing this bed with other beds. Unique shape of legs and headboard resemble a sleigh or sled. That’s why this bed is named ‘sleigh bed’.

Cherry wood sleigh bed here means the bed with cherry wood as its main construction. Cherry wood is regarded as one of durable woods. But today, cherry wood sleigh bed is not the only one variant of sleigh bed. There are other variants of sleigh bed with different materials, such as aluminum, steel, and iron. But cherry wood sleigh bed still becomes the favorite one till this day.

Reference: foter.com

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