Wonderful Headboard Ideas for Chic Bedroom

When trying to decorate your bedroom, most of you are only focusing on the wall decorations. Actually, if you want to give a unique decoration, you can modify your headboard. The headboard of your bed is usually forgotten or underestimated because it has no significant function. However, if you can improvise your headboard into your own style, you will get a wonderful change of your bedroom. Here you will see several brilliant ideas on how modified headboard can convert the usual bed into a mind-blowing bedroom decoration.

If you love reading but you do not have much space to keep your book, make your headboard as a bookcase. You can create a tall or wide bookcase depends on your need and you can paint the bookcase based on your bed color. To create a safe case, since the books can fall anytime, you can add a door in the shelf whether made of glass or wood, or you can create a wider book space.

For you who love photography, you can put some or even many photos as the headboard. Like in the picture below, you can position the photos in a heart shape or you can just display it simply in a square form if you have difficulties in arrange it.

If you want to create classy feel, placing an antique mirror can be a good idea. Once you wake up, you can check yourself directly at the mirror above your head. In contrast, if you desire to make your bedroom looks modern, you can put a wall sticker that has abstract or city printing, or you can also paint the wall in geometrical patterns.

Reference: www.decoist.com

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