Making A Chicken Coop

Cat and dog are usual pet that you can find in your neighbour home. What about chicken? You can raise some chicken in your home and get their meat or eggs. Chicken need their own home. You need a chicken coop. Chicken coop must be perfect home for your chicken, so they can grown healthy and not making some dirty mess around your home yard.

There are several steps for making a chicken coop. Let’s follow those steps to build the best one. First is about your making purpose. Before build a chicken coop, you need to know the reason why you have to raise chicken and how many chicken that you need. Answering those questions will get you into good measuring about how big your chicken coop is.

Second is making a chicken coop plan. Making a chicken coop plan is like making a home plan. Start from its architecture, its size, its structure, even its style. All things in your chicken coop must be useful for your and also for the chicken. Good plan will bring you into some ideas to look for the best material to build a chicken coop. Wood is the best choice for that.

The chicken elements like shelter, perching spot, nesting space, stairs, insulation, food and water, and ventilation are required things that should exist in a chicken coop. It is also important to make a chicken coop that very easy to reach for yourself, so you can get their eggs or put their food without having any difficulties.


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