Chilewich Ray Tray

Fruits are special food. You can’t put fruits on random place. Fruits are beautiful food, so you need beautiful place too to put it. Ray tray is one of nice stuffs to display your delicious food. It is elegant and simple without taking your space too much. Ray tray has three main part of trays that you can fill it up with pretty food like fruits. It is very awesome to know that ray tray is not only useful thing but also decorative thing.

Chilewich ray tray is the most famous ray tray of all. Awesomely, it has random design color that you can choose, white, black, brown, and green, so you can match it with your room main color. Ray tray is perfect thing to show off your food when you have home party, Thanksgiving dinner in your home, even your family birthday party. Ray tray is quite pricey enough, but it will be worthy to buy precious thing for your home.

Unique idea that you can use with ray tray is making it not only as food display, but also as your simple storage for books or other small things that you use often. It will give you easy easy view to look for your stuffs when you use ray tray as its storage place. Put your ray tray at the corner of the room as corner decoration.

You can find ray tray easily on online markets with random prices. Try to find the best reviews first of all, so you can consider which has the best quality.


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