Wonderful Classic Marble Countertop for Kitchen Decoration

As we know that there are a lot of countertop design which can be applied for our kitchen design, thus in this session the writer would like to show you another countertop concept which uses marble look granite design. This wonderful marble countertop has a modern nuance for a modern home decoration. so, how does it look like anyway? Just keep reading.

The first, marble countertop can use very fantastic marble look granite concept. You might want to see the picture below, there is a countertop with nice abstract decoration with white marble look granite concept. This seems very awesome when you can combine it with wooden material for the cabinet design. the marble look countertop has very pure white design. This seem very plain marble countertop because there is no any pattern on the surface. This is kind of modern kitchen design with classic flooring.

The other wonderful marble countertop has veru typical design. This countertop has special pattern in black coloring with white background. Moreover, the frame wooden made is also painted in plain white. It looks so clean. This seems very classic concept for kitchen design. Thus, the perfect ornament is also drawed on the wall. It looks like very attractive to be applied on our wall.

There is also another tyical marble look countertop design. This countertop showed in the picture has black plain design. This seems so classic because the other stuffs like cabinet has such a wooden made concept. using some beautiful romantic pendant light, the kitchen looks so perfect anyway. Thus, the granite material is also used for the flooring design.

Reference: www.stonegableblog.com

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