DIY Cloth Napkins

Saving your budget and your time to complete your home stuffs and design clearly needs your creativity. You have to get some ideas and own innovation if you wish to have awesome thing with simple activities to do. If you have a thing that you can create on your own, then why not? One of pretty stuff in your home that you can make by yourself is napkin.

Cloth napkins are very quite simple for your dining room. It is also very easy for making cloth napkins. Now let’s try step by step. Material that you need to make cloth napkins is good fabric. Prepare sewing machine, basic sewing materials, and iron. Why do we need an iron? It is very useful to fold your cloth napkins and make it tidy on its fold line.

Cut the fabric as you wish for the size then fold and press all the sides using iron. Pay attention to the corner, fold each sides of the corner of the fabric into small triangle. Press them with iron again for tidy fold. Fold once again all fabric sides, use pin to hold the fold. Using sewing machine, sew them start from the corner until all over the sides. Make sure when you sew, you sew it nicely especially at the corner.

See? It is very easy to make cloth napkins with tools that you use in daily life activities. You don’t have to buy or even waste your time to choose napkins one by one. You only need to choose good fabric material which is designed indeed for creating a napkin.


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