Collections of Vintage Furnishings with Modern Touch

rustic vintage living room standard fireplace with stone surrounding dark brown tiles floors vintage sofa slipcover smaller blue throw pillows blue draperies exposed wood beams blue wallpapers Romans Piridonov

Discover some ideas or inspirations to your home with a lot of modern vintage furniture choices and accessories. There are so many options of modern vintage designs you may try to add to your home. Color or tone, motif/ pattern, material, and even the smallest details of modern vintage wanna be displayed in the following ideas. Wish that these ideas would inspire you and bring chic look to your new home.

What a perfect blend! This powder room exposes a blend of modern and vintage found in some pieces of appliances and interior. The whole interior obviously uses clean lined and modern look, while mirror playfully adds vintage look, especially in shape.

modern vintage living room idea bold blue velvet couch with throw pillows vintage style hall console table round mirror with chrome frame medium toned wood floors glass top center table

Mint Home Decor

Add vintage appeal to your living room by placing a vintage style hall console table nearest your couch. Round mirror over the console works well with the console, creating a dramatic look in room.

Chic & shabby fully covers this family room. The L-shaped bench looks so old and unfashionable, but white-covered mattress and pillows make it cozier and nicer to stare at. This is an inspiring idea if you want to take something old and shabby as your pressure point in your lovely home.

It feels so comfortable when sitting in such nursery chair. With higher back, it offers much more comfort to the user. The design is also stylish with the accent black lines and tufted black buttons. Yellow Moroccan leather pouf also add an aesthetic credit to this modern vintage nursery room.

green wallpaper modern vintage plastic side chair made of black acrylic clear acrylic hall console table

Wallpaper Collective

Make your wallpaper as the direct point. Choose a striking one to make it contrasts to all interior items, including the furniture you wanna set. Like this idea; the existed green wallpaper has been featured with modern-vintage furniture blend. The wood floors give natural and neutral tone to this space. That’s so brilliant.

Fill your cooking area with such fun and colorful kitchenware. Just use them as the accessories beautifully displayed on your open shelves. Create some clusters based on similar tone and pairing stuffs. A well-arranged accessory surely makes your kitchen neat and clean.

A vintage-mid century console complements this mini living room. The console exposes the darker wood finish and flat panels on surface. The leg model really represents the vintage appeal as what’s showing in mid century age.

Angled-legs furniture is just one of vintage inspiring ideas adopted by most vintage lovers. The design, actually, is so simple, exposing more on the material and color use. Pop of colors here exactly dominate each piece of furniture. Look at the throw pillows, they’re so striking with their bright tones that produce the best contrast against the chair.

What a great display cabinet! Its radiant color stands out the space, adding a focal point of room. With right finishing choice, the old look has been removed away.

U-shaped wood staircase with modern metal railing system. One that makes this interesting is the smaller leather chair strategically placed nearest the stairs. The chair’s and steps’ look similar, still exposing the earthy brown.

A yellow modern vintage chair completely brings comfort and style, potentially be a direct focal point in this home library. Reading the favorite books will be fun activity just with this chair.

This corner amazingly attracts me. The dark wood finishing is really powerful here, obviously applied on all furniture pieces. To improve values of comfort and aesthetics, the lounge chair has been supported with the thin foam covered with the best leather. A trunk side table is intended as an extra table when needed, and a freestanding desk isn’t only full of function, but it’s also so stylish with its vintage look.

The old chair with new finish and leather. Its brand new appearance surely affect the whole space, making it more interesting. A tripod lamp with vintage shade adds uniqueness.

Simple yet cozy, all furniture pieces are designed by exposing more the vintage appeal. Organic wood still be the primary for building these pieces of furniture, feeling so matched with the existed interior which is dominated by wood boards.

The overall interior pieces here are in vintage, built from the best organic wood and surfaced by white finishing. Multicolored rug differently stands out the space which is mostly dominated by dark wood. I say this idea is really recommended if you want to have a simple living room with vintage concept.

Still about the organic wood and vintage. The angled-legs hall console with side chair probably be a great idea to fill your hallway. Complete this space with some life like this medium-sized palm tree and a pile of books as the ornaments. A stripped rug also sounds good to add to this space.

Ideal office pieces for home. With dark wood finishing, the furniture looks most stunning with whitewashed walls as the background. The design is also simple but still displaying modern-vintage touch in every single detail.

Bar cart is too boring? Use this idea to display your wine and get the most sophisticated wine display. These floating shelves are made of best dark wood and supported with front rail as the accessory. Vintage appeal is felt so strong on the wallpaper, and it’s a nice media to background the shelves.

It’s obvious that the designer adopts vintage as the major style, and the natural wood is deliberately exposed for more natural look.

It’s true that pointed and angled legs are closely related to vintage furniture choice like these furniture pieces, yet their clean lines and minimalist facade exactly bring to modern feel.

Vintage chairs with playful color. They’re gonna be the most striking one in this concrete tiles floors.

A vintage hall console featuring a traditional bench. Both are the special elements implemented in the middle of original Spanish’s architectural home features. It’s interesting as they’re obviously different in many architectural aspects.

Too crowded, but it’s awesome to mix & match lots of colorful vintage tiles for floors. Make it so striking by using bold-neutral furnishings as the best match.

A lovely vintage vibe founded in this Empire Sofa. The motifs printed on the sofa powerfully bring the vintage vibe, beautifully blending with the color and design. I may want say this sofa is a combination of vintage (on prints/motifs) and Victorian (on facade design).

Unique! This is a combination of rustic and vintage in balanced proportion. It’s obvious that the hardwood is used as the material of bed plus headboard, while the design is adopted from previous tens years ago, or we call it vintage.

Talking about the antiques, this bathroom vanity looks so fabulous. It looks like old furniture with wood finish & marble top as the accent. This can handle the old visual look.

traditional staircase with cream steps'color accents light toned wood floors antique & vintage hall console table in darker wood finishing


A smaller hall console table in darker wood finish.  It brings an antique and vintage feel. With darker finishing, the console potentially be a direct focal point. Not only the tone, its vintage design also makes it differently stands out.

Vintage and cozy – get the best experience of having such comfy chair in vintage style. The chair is covered with silky soft fabric. To improve the performance and function, a pair of throw pillows is added. Black angled-legs shows the chair is intentionally built in classic vintage. That’s so interesting.

Wall decorations consisting of lots of picture frames, a good idea for an art wall gallery in your house. A smaller hall console table here is needed when you’re lacking space for displaying the other picture frames. Make this corner as your favorite to collect and to display your life journey.

Shabby-chic exterior idea with baby pink color accents on exterior draperies and staircase. The color’s so alive! Dominant white color works optimally when being combined with the baby pink. It brightly brings a clean & obvious look.

It’s lovely to have such amazing reading nook like this. L-shaped bench provides more space for seating area, and a small & round top table remains us the tens-year trend, creating a vintage appeal in space. The steps on staircase also exactly define what the vintage is.

chic home entrance pink front door old chair decorative boots bleak front door mat


Shabby-chic front door in pink, simple but so inviting. The old metal chair and decorative boots beautify this walkway, adding a dramatic ornament nearest the door. Bleak front-door mat here also adds another old & vintage thing in this narrow home entrance.

A simple built-in bookshelves welcomes the entryway as well completing this vintage-style chair’s performance. This idea, of course, is the best alternative for irregular wall use.

Imagine you have such simple hall console and mirror over it. You don’t need any decorative things to garnish them, just play their color and transform them into shabbier ones. You’ll get vintage touch as what you want.

All is vintage, starting from the tiled walls, furniture, and floors. Love the tones and furniture choice, they balance each other, no domination, and good proportions.

mid century chairs with smaller throw pillows chalkboard wall background medium toned wood floors

Denver Interior Design

Vintage isn’t always chic and shabby. It could be the old style applied on the existed furniture like this couple of chairs. Look at the design, it’s old-like but renewed finishings. Probably you’ve ever found such models in your grandpa’s grandma’s house.

The series of colorful throw pillows as the accents of simple vintage bench for hallway, and above is an old linen canvas originally sent from French. It’s perfect to expose something antique and old in one ‘frame’ of interior.

A clean lines interior featuring with the series of vintage style furnishing pieces. The furniture is dominated by brightly white and inspired from mid century furniture. I think this would be an instant way to combine the modern and old style.

Vanity-like and x-base chair are so popular in 1950s, and now we’re discovering them as the most favorite ones selected by current people. I can say these vintage pieces are claimed as the uniqueness among current architectural practices.

shabby chic hallway lower bench in blue old & unused pillar wood coat hang tree picture on frame dark wood floors multicolored area rug


Inspiring entryway in New York. These pieces are actually resulted from the accidental idea, and the output is really amazing. The homeowner just uses unused shabby pillar as the ornament and lower bench as the extra seat. Functional and stylish. And, the picture is so simple but successfully fills the clean & purely white wall.

I love the shutters. It remembers us about the old and antique pieces commonly found in antique shops.

A lovely scripture on wall. The furniture choice also looks stylish even with the old-look coffee table and candle-stands, a matched one that fits the main concept, vintage.

Your favorite quote can also be used for garnishing your home walls like this one. The quote is precisely put over the shabby shutters, giving a new trend for your vintage home design. Add another vintage piece like this white bench for extra seat.

Shabby but cool. This cabinet system is so stunning with its old color scheme coating the overall body. This is an evidence that something old and shabby is actually a beauty when applied in right proportion.

It’s recommended to blend two styles you love the most like this rustic-vintage in your living room. Rustic is obvious to find in material use (stone and hardwood) which is exactly exposed in particular interior items. The vintage appeal, by contrast, is clearly seen on the sofa slipcover use. This means, these two opposite things can be a perfect combination if we set them in balanced proportion.

A cottage chic living room for semi-formal occasions. White dominates the space and white is used as the main color scheme for a soft and clean look. White furniture like this white sofa slipcover adds more the clean slate when it’s collaborated with the whitewashed wood floors.

A perfect seat for a relaxing moment with nice view. Based on the design, the chair seems so out-of-date, but with renewing the finish, it transforms into a stylish seat. The color scheme brings a calming visual appearance. The chair also becomes the brightest one among those neutral-shabby furnishing stuffs.

Each interior item here are oldish, even they’re antiques. The mirror’s frame, wall clock, daybed, and even the side table are designed in much previous years ago and today starts to be popular as the vintage things. It’s easy to get these things if you are interested in remodeling your home into a stylish vintage one.

White Victorian-styled furnishings as the main properties of bathroom. The vintage touch is obvious to see on the furnishings choice, including the chair and side table.

Unused wine crates as the bedside table is a unique way to optimize an unused thing as more functional item in your bedroom. Pair it off with other oldish furnishing items like this traditional bed frame and shabbier wall-mounted cabinet for more vintage goal.

yellow lined vintage wallpaper idea mid century modern wood dining furniture set


Vintage wallpaper probably can be your best solution for achieving just a little vintage appeal in your favorite space. This yellow-lined wallpaper, for instance, simply offers a vintage look without reducing a large proportion of modernity showed by this mid century modern dining furniture set. Even, the wallpaper seems like a modern one due its pattern and color scheme.

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