College Dorm Room – Ideas of Distributing the Nuance

Living in a dorm is not a new experience for some people, mostly those the teens that start to live apart from the family to live autonomousely. Yeah, dorm becomes a wise choice with its simple, small and also cheap maintenance for young people with low income or almosy no income. Therefore, they usually need some ideas to arrange the small room to be a comfortable living even for more than one person! Yeah, some students prefer to live with a friend or even some. Below are some college dorm room design ideas that will distribute your nuance!

The first dorm room design idea involves a nice bunk bed design, and of course the room fits two person. Purple color is chosen for its romantic tone with patterned style and accent on the wall. Glass windows, wooden door and a nice faux sheepskin chair show the greatest spot of the room!

Another design is likely to serve for two teens as well with two different beds design. pink color on the bedding sheet and the sheer curtain on the glass window combine the most endearing outlook of the footage.

Meanwhile, a single dorm room idea brings over the style of chevron on the bedding to comfort the inhabitant with superlicious tone. Some pictures on the wall along with some ornament make such playful outfit on the white siding perfectly.

A stealing dorm design mixes the nuance with two neutral colors of black and white. Polka dot and floral patterns are chosen for the simple and elegant nuance. With storage on the headboard, this could be a compact dorm arrangement!


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