Colored Pencil Holder – Symbolizes Playfulness in Mini Stuff

What your pencil holder looks like? Is it still okay untill this very day, or you need another new one? Not few people get bored with their ordinary pencil holder, and most of them are dirty because they are stained by the pencil itself. To catch the holden design with playful outlook, would you like to make it colorful? For your references, below are some colored pencil holder that will make your days even brighter!

The very first colored pencil holder design is the simplest one which is shaped like a can. However, it displays different tone from ordinary can because it is full colors. For various colors of your pencils, you need to have from yellow, blue, green, red until the orange colored pencil holders.

Further, to have a delicious rainbow cake shapes pencil holder is truly fashionable. It is not a hard design to shape because the thing you need is just cellophane tape in rainbow colors too. So, covering a square box made of wood with the tape is a fun activity. Will you give it a try?

The next one will be a luxurious design as it appears in geometrical diamond shape. It must be carved from wood, and then it is colored in white for elegant outlook. Placing come colorful pencils on the top, they make such awesome contrast pattern to the neutral white tone.

Aside of the diamond shaped holder, a porcupine style holdern is another must have design. It is cute with pencils as it prickles appearing in colorful style. worth thing to have at home!


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