Contemporary Bohemian Interior Decor: Showcasing Lots of Layers of Hues, Patterns, and Textures But Still Clean & Minimalist

Bohemian runner with geometric patterns chair with pillows rustic wood bed frame multicolored pillows with pom pom decorattions Pinterest

Contemporary Bohemian is slightly like a contemporary style with some additional values like the layers of colors, patterns, and fabrics that visually can add unique look and character. Here, I’ll try to collect and to share several best of contemporary Bohemian interior ideas specifically taken from Pinterest. The ideas come in a wide detail of objects commonly existing in rooms.

Wood element on mirror’s frame adds natural and warm look to this room, while the runner offers different appearance: textural color as Boho statement. I love the greenery here. Their woven planters give a texture.

Chic and clean, this hallway has a simple furniture: the bench seat with some Boho decorations, and the fringed mat is the most stunning here.

Egg rattan chair makes a focal point here. With a throw pillow and vintage area rug, this tiny seating nook offers the coziest and most stylish spot to relax. The cacti, of course, visually add freshness to the space.

Use bold hues and patterns to spice up your living room. Look at this living room, dominated in dark-toned interior, layered color and pattern on throw pillows and wall decors really create a focal point in this room.

The runner is undeniable to grab my attention; it’s so striking. Look at the color composition; it’s the same colors with all colors existing in this room. You’ve found white, red, bold pink, wood color, cream, and even gray. I love the geometric patterns, too. They are in perfectly symmetric.

All-white bedroom with Boho touch. Macrame draperies of course visually make the window more interesting and a Moroccan pendant here offers a cross-culture focal point in this space. Genius!

Lots of layers of colors, patterns, and fabrics. These surely bring a texture, making the space looks cheery and bold in visual way.

Flat woven rug is another most distinctive feature of contemporary Bohemian. It has a special texture and earthy tone, visually creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in room. Wooly or shag throws are apparently the best pairing for this kind of rug.

Bohemian loves something worn out and this value is well represented by this vintage runner. The runner looks so perfect with another worn out wood bench as the paired furniture.

Still looked clean in white dominance, but the flat woven rug layered with three sheets of bleached mats are giving new tone and texture.

I just focus on the cabinet system; it’s designed in midcentury modern that really gives a fresh and modern look to this contemporary Bohemian bedroom.

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