Contemporary Boho Glams You Can’t Miss

floor bed with soft pink quilt cover dusty pink curtains with decorative pompoms Pinterest

Today, I’m so excited to showcase my favorite home decor style, contemporary Boho, and I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from Brighton Homes that has shared so many inspiring ideas on Pinterest page. Maybe the contemporary Boho becomes one of most popular decor styles today and many people choose it as their favorite option for redecorating their lovely home. It can be a good alternative as it involves some additional Boho touches to the contemporary decor style. We’ll find an organic statement, hippie style, and even Boho hints directly combined with a contemporary twist to finally create a contemporary Boho decorating style. Well, let’s find the inspiration you need in this page.

What a sparkling idea. I love the organic splash in this bedroom; it’s so refreshing visually and always provides fresh air every morning, very good for healthy life. The greenery also adds natural vibe to the whole room. I see a perfect color combination dominated by neutral schemes, and bright white here helps the space looks cleaner. Oh my God the Moroccan light fixture! It’s so stunning.

Delivered in white, the bedroom looks so simple and elegant with outstanding Boho flair, especially the quilt cover.

Again, white. The color scheme is helpful to create a clean look, bright, and airy feel, and when we add an organic splash, the space will be vividly natural and fresh.

Handcarved bed frame becomes the most stunning furniture piece in this bedroom and when it features Moroccan motifs clearly carved along the headboard, rails, and footboard, the bed furniture visually looks so dramatic.

Inspiring: a living room decorated in a perfect collaboration of contemporary and Boho glams. White is still the favorite scheme for such a simple interior style, and vividly green leaves of houseplants are successfully give natural color accent.

Layers of textiles become one of Boho glams in modern decor idea and it has been adopted in this picture. There are two layers of area rug seen in this picture: dark-toned textile rug layered with white shag rug. This idea of course sends unique look and beautiful contrast to this living room. Mustard throw blanket also contributes in creating another Boho touch.

Vivid and bold, these two words are expressing the accent pillows’ look that really accentuates the room. They can be an instant idea to add stunning Boho glams to any rooms, including such a modern sitting area.

Pick the concept that fits the most your personal style, and this bedroom decor style looks cozy and adoptable by everyone who loves Boho glam addition. The bed without bed frame becomes the best alternative for a practical and space-efficient bedroom and this idea is commonly adopted in small apartments or boarding houses. Tumbler lighting installed along the curtain (as a dramatic room partition) visually gives warm sparks that obviously makes the space looks quite dramatic. It totally adds a Boho glam.

firefly string lights bed curtains in white floor bed with white quilt cover


So dramatic and beautiful. I can imagine there are so many ‘fireflies’ inside my bedroom. Actually the bright accents are the firefly string lights can be installed along the bed’s curtains.

Supported with pompom curtains, the bed visually gets beauty with modern Boho flair. Pompoms are attached on the edge of curtains made from soft woven cotton. Pompoms here stand out the curtains and even make the curtains unique and playful.

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