Cool Accent Light Fixtures Really Recommended for Your Living Rooms

Liz light fixture with hand crochet patterns Pinterest

Ornate light fixtures for homes come in various models and sizes, and such a huge option of course makes you hard to choose which one that will be the best for your home. It’s important to choose the best one as it will bring the effect to the whole room and of course it can add the style particularly those with unique and cool light fixtures that can potentially attract people’s attention. Here I’ll share cool and unique light fixture ideas that surely will give you more inspirations. Keep with us and start to get inspired.

Available in espresso and whitewashed finish, these cloud-like bamboo chandeliers are so stunning. They are one of best innovations for sustainable home products, meeting with what world have concerned.

Simple yet ultra-modern. The light fixtures look like the lighted sticks that are mounted on walls. The light effect is simple but it’s decorative over this dark space.

Accent concrete pendant designed in minimalist style. The overall design is simple; it exposes light concrete as the basic material, revealing another alternative of concrete use. More interestingly, this kind of pendant is visually timeless and modern at the same time, so it fits any home decors.

Attractive look – a chicken wire chandelier inspired by a chicken coop. Unlike wooden chicken coop, this is much more interesting and can be a statement of room.

It’s like a lantern. This paper light fixture is designed by a Japan designer. He uses sustainable and cheap materials like papers as the basic materials. The light fixtures are lightweight yet totally can produce warm and eye-friendly light effect, creating a romantic and cozy ambiance in any rooms.

It’s amazing! They just look like the lines of light. They are shining in the dark. The fixtures of course suit outdoors like the front yard, patio, or even deck.

The illumination produced by the pendants looks great and warm for this space dominated by all natural basic materials like clay and wood. These handmade light fixtures indirectly provoke us to keep attention and to see the roughness of clay walls, triggering us to touch even you just see through the picture.

Creative! Building a DIY pendant by using natural material like rattan. Like this oversized pendant, it’s made from rattan for the lampshade that can produce a beautiful shadow effect when it’s on. This can also be a modern Boho touch to your living room.

Branch light fixture of course visually adds the direct accent to any rooms. It’s really natural because it’s made from the real branch. Maybe it’s little bit weird but it’s beautiful.

Made in Mexico, Liz light fixture is hand-woven to create beautiful patterns and when the light fixture is on, it will produce amazing shadows captured on the walls.

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