Cool Bathroom Colors You Won’t Regret To Try

pink blush walls accented with grain like accents in low part of walls black frame wall mirror concrete floors Domino

When having a plan of decorating a home, bathroom often tends to be the last spot to figure out. In fact, the space is one of most essential ones that need more attention both for functional and aesthetic goal.

To get significant change, you need to consider some aspects when starting to decorate, and color must be in list. Here, you have a change to do some experiments of how to use wallpaper tricks, bold color blocks, or all-white opt for your bathroom. Through this page, you’ll be guided to apply cool color schemes in your bathroom, and the project of bathroom refresh starts here.

Blue will always be eye-catching particularly when we pair it against whites to create a direct contrast. These subway tiles & mosaic tiles did it very well with their different shape and tone of colors.

Sage green featuring gold tiles. The combination creates a mature and elegant look. It also adds the obvious contrast for both the bathtub and mosaic tiles. Pure white shower curtains here also give a dramatic shade to shower idea.

blue lavender mosaic tile walls white ceramic tile floors white toilet white trash bag well lighted window


Blue lavender gives you a great chance to make a statement in your bathroom. Mosaic tiles are the best target to do this, and you can make it a contrast if you use whites as the best collaborations.

half way sage green and pink walls marble countertop round wall mirror with brass frame


Blush and sage green – a subtle color combination for a vivid and soft beauty of design. Each color has character; it is not matter if both are paired off. No domination but good balance.

Teal runner acts like a direct focal point of room. It enables to capture everyone’s eyes effortlessly, driving you to keep coming and having a good time in this clean-look spot.

Pink visually offers girly blush to any space, but it will be softer when we get neutral & light hues as the best partners like white and gray. Gloss pink tiles, in this picture, visualize gloss effect; This instantly adds elegance particularly after gray and white join into.

black textured wall white ceramic floors white bathtub


White and black add classic touch in your bathroom and you can make it more playful only with texture like this wall. White shines while black swallows; this is the reason why the color combination is the greatest balance.

Dreamy pink for two-tone inspiring bathroom. Grain-like accents on low-part wall indicate particular texture that obviously distinguishes another pink blush in the rest of space. Black-finish frame also emerges a bit industrial touch in this minimalist bathroom.

Simple, minimalist, and airy-feel – white contributes a lot for this; floor-to-ceiling shower curtains add more dramatic accent. Although the tiles have different pattern shape, they keep the space visually well-lighted due to their white scheme.

Yes, sage is really happening right now and white has been picked up for completing this light scheme. The glossy effect seen on the whole sage tiles creates a glass-like surface, while wood-top stool here performs both function and unique shape in this bathroom.

Dreamy zen bathroom. This is the best option for those who really love a relaxing-atmosphere in the bathroom. Wood element here enables to bring such feeling. Its natural texture, tone, and even the smell definitely bring us to feel how nature works to bring the cozy feeling.

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