Cool & Timeless, 10 Kitchen Backsplash Installations Stealing Your Heart Away

pink tile backsplash with motifs concrete wall oversized pendant with copper lampshade Pinterest

Are you searching for cool and stylish backsplash for your kitchen? Re-installing a new kitchen backsplash will be a great idea to spice up and update your kitchen. There are so many options of tiles you can pick up for the new backsplash; they come in huge various types such as subway tiles, mosaics, granites, marbles, acrylics, and many more. To inspire you more about the new kitchen backsplash, here we’ve collected and shared ten best ideas of kitchen backsplash for you.

Kitchen is closely related to women’s world and pink backsplash here represents it well. The backsplash is beautifully obvious when gray (concrete finish) completes the walls. I really love the oversized pendant, too. It’s so stunning.

Classic! White subway tile backsplash with grout. The backsplash fits any kitchen designs. It also suits any kinds of kitchen storage solution including the open shelf like this one.

Another classic and clean-look kitchen backsplash. The backsplash is built from white subway tiles accented with stains. The stains on tiles of course give textural color to the kitchen, breaking the white dominance. On the other hand, white here can definitely stick any color schemes including the kitchen cabinets, shelves, and displayed spices.

white herringbone tile backsplash with black grout farmhouse sink brass lamp over the sink white cabinetry wooden display racks


After as the water-shield, the kitchen backsplash can also be functioned as the focal point, so it’s important to pick the best one that visually defines the beauty and personal style. The herringbone tile in white is just one of the best options that can ‘elevate’ your kitchen.

frost proof mosaic tiles with flower accents


So adorable, ceramic mosaic tile backsplash with flower accents. The tiles are 100% water & frost-proof porcelain, making the backsplash easier to dry. Available in dark and light scheme options and suits both contemporary and traditional design.

Dark green emerald is the chosen color scheme to fill the tiles of backsplash, and the gloss surface on each tile adds luxury to this kitchen. Green here also spices up the space, adding Boho touch as well.

With embossed surface, muted color, and geometric design, this tile backsplash has brought precious value, especially the aesthetic value.

Again, geometric and floral motifs. This kind of motif is commonly applied in Moroccan pieces including Moroccan tiles. Like the previous design, this tile backsplash has embossed texture on the overall surface. The picked color, light gray, creates a subtle look against the existing white. Beautiful.

Love these leaves; they flow beautifully along the backsplash area, giving a direct statement to the white backdrop.

Associating with cold, firm, and solid, metal backsplash (stainless steel, for example) actually adds glam, contemporary, and simple look to your kitchen. More importantly, the metal backsplash is easy to clean up, so this can help you to keep the kitchen sterile from dirt.

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