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minimalist industrial bathroom with black metal hardware purely white bathtub vintage tile floors smooth surface concrete walls greenery Pinterest

Industrial Bathroom Idea With White Toilet Wall Mounted Sink In White Wooden Like Wallpaper White Ceramic Floors Gray Tile Walls Industrial Pendant Lighting Fixtures
Adorable Industrial Bathroom Idea With Aquatic Shade Subway Tile Walls Clear Glass Shower Partition With Black Frames Double White Sinks On Wooden Bathroom Vanity Frameless Round Mirror
Beautiful Industrial Bathroom With A Couple Of Round Mirrors Without Frames A Couple Of White Sinks Black Bathroom Vanity With Under Shelf Industrial Pendants Raw Concrete Walls
Industrial Bathroom Inspiration With Minimalist White Bathtub Warm And Classic Wallpaper Vintage Tile Floors
Industrial Rustic Bathroom Design With Red Brick Walls Tiled Floors Wall Mounted Toilet
Simple Industrial Bathroom Idea With Round Mirror With Black Frame Wood Bathroom Vanity With White Sink And Under Shelf Whitewashed Brick Walls Geometric Tile Floors
Stunning Industrial Bathroom Idea With Minimalist Black Bathtub Walk In Shower With Glass Door With Black Frames Potted Greenery
Industrial Bathroom Idea With White Ceramic Tile Floors Walk In Shower With Clear Glass Partition Hexagon Tile Walls Large Sink In White Huge Vanity Mirror With Black Mirror White Toilet
Cool Industrial Bathroom Inspiration With Warm Gray Hexagon Tile Walls Round Wall Mirror With Black Frame Single White Sink
Minimalist Industrial Bathroom With Black Metal Hardware Purely White Bathtub Vintage Tile Floors Smooth Surface Concrete Walls Greenery

Designing bathroom is always fun but it’s not easy. You must have a good plan of design that meets your personal preference and other aspects such as budget consideration, space availability, and home’s theme. Even if you want to take an industrial-style as your choice; it’s much harder than others because you have to bring industrial concept commonly implemented in huge constructions for fabrication, not for residential purpose. The concept mainly exposes the use of heavy materials like steels, hard woods, red bricks, pipes, and rough concrete. Yet, the industrial bathrooms may show you that the style isn’t strange to apply in recent days. By contrast, it’s elegant and unique; even I really wanna say that the style looks so masculine and cool. Just check out the designs if you’re so curious about.

Very cool, elegant, and minimalist. I just see black and white. The shades really dominate the space, and the black steel-framed partition is more than a room divider. It’s like a second ‘window’ that allows you accessing the outdoor view when you’re bathing in the tub. The partition is also the element that obviously plays the role as the industrial-style maker.

Elegant and romantic. The black shade here contributes in creating such a beautiful nuance. The lighting choice blends well in stimulating the romantic vibe to come over. Inspiring.

What an excellent idea – industrial featuring pigmented blue tiles. The space offers the charming color collaboration. The tiles on walls visually enrich the space and overall can save the space from monotone look (it’s not only black and white). Even the tiles bring something refreshing to this bathroom.

The brick wall really brings me to the real industrial concept. Look at the surface, rough yet authentic. These values of course are worthy to take the industrial style to this modern bathroom.

Small but so stunning. There’s nothing special but the pendants. Each represents what the industrial style is, being supported with black steel lampshade and bulb light source.

It’s beautiful. I love the beton walls that obviously showcase the unfinished surface with the original shade of beton. Black seems to blend well with the whole façade, especially the walls. Maybe this bathroom is a perfect combination of the raw industrial concept and modernity.

Whitewashed finish and hexagon, this is an instant way to create a light yet textured space as implemented in this bathroom. You can adopt the idea if you love something bright and light but need a bit of texture.

This one is brighter with the black framed-mirror and a star-like pendant for the contrast. Different to previous idea, I find more texture on the floors in where I see lots of geometrical patterns with the stunning shade.

Really want an inviting and warm bathroom but still need to infuse the industrial concept on it? You can pick such a playful pendant for the industrial vibe. Also remember to put something vintage and classic like this subtle-shade wallpaper and overlooked vintage tiles.

Proved! Hexagons are the favorite and the patterns are applicable for any décor styles. In this modern-minimalist industrial bathroom, the hexagon tiles add the character, or even they bring special touch after the black steel frames.

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