Coolest Workspace Furniture Inspirations with Vintage, Retro, and Mid-Century Details

cool midcentury modern working desk with angled and tapered legs and slim countertop midcentury modern chair in white Pinterest

Workspace furniture is essential for supporting us when we want to bring the work to home and just finish it. Of course we have many options related to this case and one of the coolest recommendations are those with great design that mostly exposing the inspiring old-school but cool furniture pieces. Here we have ten best ideas of workspace furniture designs that highlight the natural and sustainable materials plus vintage, retro, and midcentury look. Well, just check these out.

This one is one of the hottest options of workspace furniture in 2019. Look at the design; it’s chic Boho and dominantly takes a 1960’s Boho detail. This can be an instant option for a vintage and 1960’s Boho-style home office.

This working desk looks so stunning on design. All details of design lead to cool retro-modern style with natural wood finish as the basic material. In visual, the size is sufficiently big and provides lots of storage solutions, so it’s recommended for you guys who need more space for your stuffs.

If you need the practical and the space-efficient one, this home office furniture needs to try. The furniture simply consists of a simple working desk with a single book shelf and a tiny chair. Even you can re-use the top of bookshelf for extra books or documents storage.

This writing desk has multi-storage options, starting from the smallest to the biggest ones, so you can organize and manage your stuffs based on the shape and the size; the table is so helpful to make everything well-organized and uncluttered.

Actually, this is just a console table but it’s reused as a mini writing table complete with its stool for a seat. This would be a great idea for apartment-size home office or just a mini home office you need the most when having a lot of works to finish at home.

Very interesting, a medium-size working desk inserted with the series of drawer system for storage space. I love the design that obviously exposes two different sides of base: the x-shaped legs and drawers-integrated legs. From the design, I realize that the table is designed for more comfort especially for the user’s feet that need more space for exploring wherever the feet wanna go.

A midcentury-modern desk with orange highlight and dipped silver legs. The details of legs and orange shade make the table more unique and visually attractive. The size also makes it possible as the hall console table.

A cool working desk inspiration. Look at the surface of the table; it’s slimmer than the ordinary designs and this of course fits any small home office or workspace. A simple midcentury modern chair perfectly completes this table.

This table is definitely small but practically can be used as the writing or working table. Supported with firm and shabby green metal frames, the table is not only interesting in visual, but it’s also durable for years.

What a lovely! A slim and pointed-legs working desk with authentic design. Each detail of design showcases luxurious modern-vintage style. The whole design is clean line, so the table looks so simple and minimalist.

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