Fantastic Small Stuffs for Cord Management Ideas

Tangled cords and cables behind your desk can not be more annoying and simply give messy and untidy look to your room. The easiest solution to this is finding a cable organizer which will keep everything nicely in place. Yet if you can not manage to find any in stores, there are actually a lot of small stuffs around you that can be used for Do-It-Yourself cord management ideas. The following are the five easiest tips and ideas.

Sticking labels to power plugs will help you identifying each of them. There will be no more spending time kneeling down guessing out the correct power plug to be pulled. Give different color sticker label and name tag on it. The next cord management idea is using toilet paper rolls. Simply roll the cords and write down name for each. It may not look the prettiest but it surely helps you saving time in finding your cables. Small raffia can also useful for easy cord management idea especially when you are traveling. Bundle your charger with raffia ribbon to make it cute. The raffia ribbon tag can also prevent you from bringing somebody else charger.

Making a homemade charging station is one of easy and great cord management ideas. It helps organizing all tangled and messy wires and cords on your desk. Simply use a box and make several holes for charges or other cords you frequently use to pass through. The last trick would be using a binder clip. Put the power plugs of your laptop or cell phone charges through and clip onto the back or aside of the desk. This helps you to hand them fast each time needed.


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