Cork Flooring Pros and Cons

Cork floor is often used as one of best choices for floors in homes or residences. Cork itself was introduced in the late of nineteenth century. This floor is eco-friendly and super-resilient; that’s why it becomes popular today. Less carbon use becomes the main reason why most people, especially those are minimizing the energy use. Cork is made from cork oaks which grow in Europe. Like other types of flooring, cork flooring has several pros and cons. And here we share several cork flooring pros and cons.

Cork flooring pros are follows. First, cork floors have spongy texture providing huge cushioned surface, so it is safe and cozy for walk. Second, cork floors are organisms resistant and can hold the growth of mildew and mold. It can be said that cork flooring is one of best choices of flooring system for allergy sufferers. Other prons are they have wide options of color and natural palette and this type of flooring suits any home decors. It is also easy to maintain.

According to cork flooring pros and cons, cork flooring system is able to keep the warmth, so it makes it as one of warm floor surfaces. That’s no matter if you don’t put the area rug next to the floor. Last pros of using cork flooring it’s shock-absorbency, so when you unintentionally drop glass or dishware, both will be less to be broken.

Cork flooring is expensive one. It must be installed by professional. You cannot install by yourself because it needs particular installing techniques. Another cork flooring con is it has ‘bounce-back’ feature, so it can’t hold up the heavy interior items or furniture. As the effect, a heavy item like big and heavy furniture can’t sit in its place for long period of time. What should we do, then? Giving the furniture’s legs some pads is the best solution. And the cork floors are too sensitive toward sunlight. It will be shabby quickly if it gets plenty of sunlight directly. That’s brief information about cork flooring pros and cons. We hope this brief information is useful for you.


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