Corner Booth Dining Set – Casual Need

To held a memorable dinner is not always with luxurious idea, sometimes casual is more intimate compared to others. The most important thing of all is that dining space should be enjoyable both the nuance as well as the outlook. Playing with color, arrangement and some adorable furniture will be helpful to own a great dining space. It you are lack of new designs, below are some corner booth dining set that will steal your heart soon!

The first idea is quite popular today with the use of coral color. It comes to invade a black painted interior design with monochrome decoration in white. The set is started with a small rustic dining table with four coral colored chairs around. This set gives perfect splashing tone to the gothic style brought on to the wall. Thanks to the giant pendant that blinks the room with sophistication!

Another idea comes for scandinavian dining room idea. it is all white matter that feature the design including the white brick wall as well as the white cabinet. The dining table is let to be gray, but still some white vintage chairs take place to empower the total look!

A beautiful corner booth dining set takes place beneath a small glass window with climbing plant. The white round table is just wonderful to accompany the double pink chairs that are ready to begin the party. Only the bulb that gives vintage look to the set, and it is adorable!

Going retro with corner booth dining set is not oldfashion because it will boost the appetite instead. Taking some vibrant tone like blue, yellow, pink, orange and purple to the vibe is gorgeous!


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