Corner Laundry Hamper as the Perfect Solution

How do you feel when family or friends visit your home, and find out about your untidy laundry room? How do you feel when they come and see your dirty laundry strewn around the house? If you have dirty laundry problems, you may need some examples of organizing corner laundry hampers to hide clothes but keep them sorted.

One of the ways to solve your problem is built-in laundry hampers or laundry hamper cabinet. This will help you organize your home and keep the style of your cabinetry. You can add more than one to sort and to organize your clothes. For example, one laundry hamper is used for white clothes, and other laundry hampers are used for dark clothes and colors clothes. In addition, Not only you can hide your dirty clothes, but also you can hide the laundry hamper.

You can hide your dirty laundry with the new Laundry Hampers from Hideaway Bins. It features air vents and a robust steel frame. The hamper can hold 60 litres of washing and it has smooth contoured sides. Or if you only need one stylish hamper, you can add Austin Espresso Hamper made of MDF and it fits with contemporary room design because of its stylish furniture and its contemporary espresso finish. It has three shelves on the right side with 6” x 10.5” x 8.25” size and 13” x 9.5” x 19” size of the inside hamper. These corner laundry hamper will be the perfect solution for handling your dirty laundry.

If it still does not suit you, you can create your own corner laundry hamper. These pictures below may inspire you to create your own corner laundry hamper.


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