Corner Shower Units for Small Bathroom: Solving Space Issues

What do you plan for your bathroom ideas? Are you planning to have a stunning and accessible bathroom idea though you only have a limited space in your bathroom? Don’t think that it is impossible as there are always many ideas that you can carry out to deal with this space matter.

If you have not any idea yet, why don’t you consider installing corner shower units in your bathroom ideas? By installing it, you can get an extra space in your bathroom as it only takes a small space in your bathroom.

This unit comes in the variety of styles such as a neo angle straight, neo angle round rectangle and neo rectangle square. It is very easy to install so that it only takes only few hours. For further details about its design, let’s see the pictures in the article.

First, neo angle straight in the picture is perfect for adding a modern look to your bathroom ideas. In addition, the clear glasses door and panels enhance the value of your bathroom decor. Inside of the corner shower units, you can mount soap storage and other bathroom stuff.

Alternatively, you can choose a neo angle round with modern style as presented in the following picture. This shower unit will be a smart choice when you have a problem with a limited bathroom space. The sliding door enables you to open it easily without taking the additional space when it is opened. It can be installed with wall set and tile application.

To get more alive and playful bathroom decoration, you can present a fresh scheme on the wall. For example, you can paint the wall with blue or green color scheme.

Moreover, you can also install additional storage outside the shower. For example, you can add wall mounted glass shelves and towel holder on the wall.


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