Corner Vanity Set – Solution for Small Space

It is normal to have a small room design in this very time because the space seems to shrink. Yeah, don’t make any trouble with a small space, instead you can make it useful and adorable at once. For instance, having a small bathroom has never been a matter if you know how to decorate it and how to enjoy it. Several corner vanity sets are such kind of solutive furniture to fit your narrow and limited space! Here you can look at some designs!

The first corner vanity design looks amusing with brown and stainless steel combination. It comforts the owner to have a furniture full of cleanliness with glass top. It is an applicable design with small sink on the top beneath the mirror on the wall!

A white wooden corner vanity design is the next awesome design. it combines two neutral colors at once; black and white. Watching the result is truly wonderful sharing classy and fashionable look at once. The white sink with short faucet is the one easing people to clean up.

In addition, a unique glass corner vanity design looks inviting with all the joy offered. The transparent bowl sink becomes a nice decoration beneath the modern curved faucet. Aside, the towel rail is also a good accent that completes the design better.

A floating golden corner vanity set must be a luxurious and posh design that you must have. It shares gorgeous tone as well as useful wall rack that will help you to organize some of your bathing stuff!


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