Luxurious Country House with Rustic Awe

Where is the best place to spend in the next summer? It is not always a luxurious mansion with beach view in front, but sometimes you need to hide yourself outside the buzz of the city. Finally, you might realize how precious the countryside is! It is so rich with fresh air, view and of course the chirping birds that alarm you everymorning. Catching the dew on leave before the dawn is also as delightful as splashing some cold water on your face. Here, a luxurious country house exhibits you optimal rustic awe!

It is totally rustic from the very first sight of the eksterior. What you can expect from a stone house with various shape of exposed beams but the real feeling of doing rustic? Yeah, the house is nothing but exemplar building made of natural structure. There is also naturel pathway leading to the outdoor living space.

Completing the storey brought home in the summer, you can start by revealing the atmosphere of having delicacy in the front porch with a set of outdoor kitchen appliance. It is not only barbeque, but you can even cook the turkey here!

Guarded by two concrete stone hard before the entrance and also two traditional lanterns, you can step and walk through forwarding to the comfortable hardwood floor with all open concept served before the eyes.

The nuance inside the house is like a room fires which is so bright in flame tone. Of course, everything inside is likely set in natural wooden material with furnished finishing. However, there are lots of chances for you to touch some rustic spots!


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