Cozy Wooden Interior Design – the Way of Arranging

Nothing is better to do in the winter but to comfort youself before the fireplace. Yeah, it is just undeniably wonderful to make a good quality time with family in the house. the snow outside is both lovely and troublesome. The white tone draws angelic tone while its cold is undefeatble, and of course it resists you to go anywhere. Therefore, it is better to deal with the inside of the house, and you can start decorating for christmas. If you do like it, you can look at a cozy wooden interior design below!

Starting to stare at the house from distance, you may think it only exists in the fairytale. Yeah, it is so damn beautiful with all the snow covering on the roof. There are also several pine trees from the smallest to the biggest that give natural shade from the rich lighting from inside.

The entrance is what you will call a growing mushroom with giant wooden pole flanking the way. Taking place in the backside of the house is the porch with adorable mountain view with warming fireplace blazing in red. There is living space and dining set aside, so right here you are confronted with choices!

It seems like the designer lets some giant trees grow inside the house as you stare at some big woods standing right beneath the ceiling. The house is both the combination of wooden and stone material, and it is amazingly gorgeous to show off! There is even loft offering great angle for you to overlook the interior.


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