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beach style breakfast nook white dining table custom light wood stools bench seat and blue throw pillows blue pendants wood floors Pinterest

Breakfast Nook Design Wood Bar Table Integrated With Cabinet Open Shelf And Closet A Couple Of Bar Stools With Round Wood Top Striped White Black Runner
White Round Top Dining Table Wood Dining Chairs White Bench Seat With Throw Pillows Glass Windows With Black Trims Modern Pendants With Black Lampshade Light Wood Floors
Small Breakfast Nook L Shaped Bench Seat In White Colorful Throw Pillows Round Wood Top Table Flat Woven Area Rug Oversized Pendant With Woven Lampshade
Vibrant Color Breakfast Nook White Round Top Table With Wooden Base Pale Yellow Chairs Semi Round Bench Seat With Colorful Throw Pillows
Farmhouse Style Breakfast Nook Round Top Dining Table In White Traditional Look Dining Chairs In White Corner Built In Bench Seat With Under Storage And Throw Pillows
Modern Industrial Kitchen And Breakfast Nook With Wood Veneer Finish Black Wrought Iron Bar Stools Clean Line Kitchen Cabinets Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils Industrial Style Pendants
Larger Breakfast Nook Round Top Dining Table Dining Chairs Dark Bench Seat Glass Windows With Black Trims Exposed Wood Beams
Beach Style Breakfast Nook White Dining Table Custom Light Wood Stools Bench Seat And Blue Throw Pillows Blue Pendants Wood Floors
Modern Breakfast Nook Wood Bar Table Modern Bar Stools Gray Kitchen Cabinetry And Countertop
Corner Breakfast Nook Dark Wood Table Built In Corner Bench Seat In Dark Wood

Whether you’re the beginner or professional, we can’t deny the beauty of breakfast nook where it’s used as the best alternative for an intimate or romantic dining moment with the loved one. Sometimes, this spot becomes an instant solution for transforming a small kitchen with full of charms. Provided in a wide range of decor options, here are ten best breakfast nook designs probably will inspire you for your next kitchen remodeling projects.

Pretty sunny and light. This breakfast nook design features a set of custom stools. For extra seat, the designer adds a simple bench seat comforted with beach-style throw pillows, making this spot as the most inviting place especially for visiting guests.

Small yet functional. Probably this breakfast nook idea meets your small kitchen space. Only furnished with an L-shaped bench seat and a round-shaped dining table, this spot has been ideal place for fun or romantic dinner. Some woven pieces here deliver the organic element in modern way.

Make your guest impressed simply with this small breakfast nook. Built in the kitchen space, this spot offers a comfy space to dine with family. The stylish and modern look also makes it possible as a perfect place for welcoming and entertaining your guests.

Very practical and modern. Designed in modern industrial concept, the kitchen and mini bar (as the breakfast nook) provide a cozy spot for breakfast. The pendants and the bar stools remind us about the industrial style in which most of the elements are made from black wrought iron.

This doesn’t look like a breakfast nook; here the designer intentionally sets this small dining space for more flexible use. You can do your work here while enjoying your breakfast. What a perfect spot.

For a larger breakfast nook, this idea sounds a perfect option. Larger round-top dining table can accommodate more users, so it’s better to feature the table with more numbers of dining chairs or mix seats like this one. Make sure that this place feels cozy with a well-lighted atmosphere. The exposed wood beams here are actually just the accents for a bit of rustic touch.

Clean look in white, black, and wood color. This color combination naturally creates a natural and warm tone in this space. This obviously feels so homey.

Supported with natural light, this breakfast nook might be your choice to refresh your mind in early mornings. With vibrant color hues on the decor, the whole space can produce a poppy yet trendy look. What a perfect design.

Warm feel – just feel the coziest feel when being in this breakfast nook. The space is actually designed in traditional style. The window shutters and the pendant obviously reflect a classic look of farmhouse design; so does the furniture set.

Really simple, only consists of a built-in corner bench seat and a table. This idea practically maximizes your corner space where most people are hard to execute it. Just add some throw pillows for more comfortable seats.

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