Living Room with Creative Bookcase Ideas – Perfect Decoration

What kind of activity that you usually have in the living room? yeah, you can watch the TV, you can talk to others, and sometimes you spend the whole time to read a book. Living room is the most comfortable space in the house to do anything what you want, and to feed you reading appetite is also perfect. Therefore, it must be a cool idea to install bookcae in the living room to ease you reaching some of your favorite books while gathering in the room!

having a creative designed bookcase in the living room should be a plush because it will add stunning effect in the footage. The one which is made of wood with labirin style shares the most sophisticated look with double stands. Aside of becoming the storage for books, this design is also good to divide the room in the interior!

Another bookshelves idea looks like designed with modular style, but its random slots idea is original and cannot be moved even to replace. With the unique shape, I guess it is able to steal the attention in the living room!

In addition, the one which is designed floating on the wall must be the most modern style. it steals the sense of minimalism in its very stylish look. With different model from closed to open, this bookshelf is truly an amazing idea ever!

Then, what do you think to fill the whole wall with bookshelves? It is great because the loft area of a house gives perfect touch of books arrangement right on the board dividing the living room with another one. Awesome!


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