Cupboard Under the Stairs Arrangement

Homes with more than one floor surely need stairs. Stairs is your home connection between one floor to another floor. As your home part, stairs should be your potential object to design your home with the best style. When stairs is created, there will always left space that it makes on its under part. You can’t let that part becomes non useful part of your home, you must change it into functional part inside your home. One clever idea is changing the left space under your stairs become a storage place, especially cupboard.

If you love Harry Potter, then you will know where he sleeps surely. Cupboard under the stairs are your home additional storage place or space. You can make your cupboard into useful storage place like drawers for your shoes, cabinet for your clothes, even small bedroom for your kids private playing place. More awesome idea is use that space as your small home office desk, offers you unique space for working.

Cupboard under the stairs can be your bookshelves too, especially if you have a lot of book for yourself and your kids book. When you have no toys storage place for your kids toys, you can also use the cupboard for your kids storage place toys. Teach them and show them about responsibility with their own self, it is very educational function for having additional space like cupboard under the stairs.

One more function for having cupboard under the stairs is use it as your cleaning equipment storage place, like broom, feather duster, vacuum cleaner and much more.


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