Best Curtain Rods for Bay Windows

Windows will dress up all homes with best window glass and window frame. Single small window is usual thing, then how about bay window? If you move to new house then you have beautiful dining nook in your dining room with pretty bay window, you need to decor it soon with curtain and curtain rod. Creating awesome bay window with curtain and curtain rod is not easy, especially installing the curtain rods. It is about measuring the curtain rods angle between one window to another window.

Here are some steps that you can try to install best curtain rods for bay windows. First, you need to prepare the material that you need, curtains and rods. Next is measuring wall and your window distance. You have to measure the bend angle too for perfect indentation. Put your curtain rods exactly to your measuring. If you need shades, you can apply shades first on your bay windows before you do all the installation steps.

Bay windows on each home have no exactly or same dimension. In big house, you may find bigger bay windows, so you need longer curtain rods for that. Before you buy the curtain rods, explain to the seller your bay windows type and condition, so they would suggest you the best curtain rods for your bay windows.

If you feel that you can’t install curtain rods to your own bay windows, then it is better to ask some professional to do that. But if you really wish to install by your own self, you can start to make a do-it-yourself project for bay windows.


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