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Curved Kitchen Island Idea In Bright Red Color And Glossy Black Counter A Rounded Sink And Stainless Steel Faucet Bamboo Floors System
Unique Semi Curved Kitchen Island In White With Wood Accent A Pair Of Barstools White Ceramic Tiles Floors Some Glass Windows With Window Trims A Kitchen Set With Storage
Milbourne Curved Kitchen With Classy Granite Counter A Set Of Dining Furniture A Large Kitchen Storage For Electric Kitchen Appliances Glass Windows With White Blinds
Tomba Curved Kitchen Island In White With Small Square Sink Plus Steel Faucet A Pair Of Bar Chairs Kitchen Set In White Minimalist Style A Set Of Dining Furniture With White Chairs And Rounded Wood Table
Curved Kitchen Island With Glossy Black Top And White Table Bar A Kitchen Set With Glossy Black Countertop Black Sink And Faucet Elegant And Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet System Light Grey Floors
Modern Minimalist Curved Kitchen Island With Gas Stove Double Sinks Plus Single Faucet A Set Of Dishware Black And White Decorative Drinking Glass Steel Pendant Lamp
Kitchen Island In Curve Shape With Luxurious Black Counter Electric Stove A Barstool A Storage System In Light Purple
Curved Kitchen Island Made From Wood With Black Glass Surface Sink And Faucet Two Barstools Two Units Of Pendant Lamps A Kitchen Set In White Theme Plus Kitchen Storage White Ceramic Floors
Minimalist Curved Kitchen Island Design In White With Unfinished Wood Counter A Pair Of Barstools Unfinished Planks Wood Floors Unique Pendant Lamp Yellow Paint Color Wall A Minimalist Kitchen Set
Milbourne Kitchen Island In Curve Shape With Oak Table Bar An Oak Barstool  Wood  Dining Furniture Large Kitchen Set With Black Countertop And Kitchen Storage A Pair Of Mason Jar Pendant Lamps

Curved kitchen island ideas today are easy to find in modern style homes. These kitchen designs offer elegant and practical way for the homeowners that love and be always busy in the kitchen. Adding such kitchens to your kitchen room not only creates a striking focal point but they also soften the kitchen look entirely. Curved kitchen island units also provide stylish and ergonomic storage systems.

It is optional to select curved kitchen island with/ without barstools as they are designed into two main choices of variants. The variants are curved kitchens with storage plus barstools and curved kitchen without storage and barstools.

There are so many ranges of curved kitchen island options available. Here are some samples of newest and most trendy curved kitchen island units that you can take as your references. Milbourne Stone curved kitchen island becomes the first design shown to you. Modern country becomes its main style. You can see that the unit is added a classic shaker door plus chunky door trim. A modern country style seems so obvious from its textured subtle finishing.

Second idea of curved kitchen island is the one employed with glossy dove grey finishing kitchen island. This finishing is very much on trend. A curved butch butcher is chosen to apply as a mini bar table. To optimize the bar table’s function, a well-finished wood barstool looks so perfect to add. Third design of curved kitchen is Milbourne Alabaster. The design uses unfinished-wood constructions for the kitchen island and kitchen storage units. Natural stones become the best choice of kitchen island top. Broadak natural curved kitchen, glossy Remo curved kitchen island in white with wood surface, Tomba, Remo Alabaster, and Remo painted kitchen island are other stylish and modern curved kitchen island selections you can pick up as inspiring curved kitchen islands.


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