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Extra Size Daybed With Trundle Made Of Black Brown Finished Wood
Daybed Trundle In White Designed By IKEA
White Metal Finished Daybed With Pull Out Trundle Addition By IKEA
Twin Size Daybed Trundle IKEA
Daybed Trundle IKEA With A Cluster Of Accent Pillows
Simple Minimalist White Daybed With Pull Out Trundle White Side Table With Shelves Underneath Wool Gray Area Rug
Dark Brown Finished Daybed With Trundle By IKEA
Oversize Daybed With Trundle In White Designed By IKEA
IKEA Daybed With Trundle Addition
Classic Style Daybed Trundle IKEA Supported With Armrests And Backrest

IKEA always provides big numerous products of furniture special designed to meet the customers’ needs. IKEA has designed and produced them by prioritizing both functional and aesthetic values. Both are crucial to apply for homes. Daybed trundle IKEA is one of furniture products representing the multiple-purpose furniture piece with a great design and function. A lot of Ikea’s daybeds with trundle are used not only as seating furniture item, but they are also used for bed-alternative.

Daybed trundle IKEA is perfect choice for use in your guest room/ bedroom. Or, such bed-like furniture works best for children’s room, family room, home library, entry room, and even outdoor areas like patio and home terrace/ home deck. The size of Ikea’s daybeds with trundle varies, from standard to oversized and both are completed with twin-size mattress. Like its name, a daybed trundle from IKEA is equipped with a piece of trundle bed as the complement. This additional trundle bed can be stored underneath daybed when it is not in use.

Daybed trundle designed by IKEA looks a great choice for a spare guest room or kids’ room. Ikea’s daybeds with pop up trundle bed (the newest model of trundle bed inserted in daybeds) can be raised up at the same height as the daybed. Such newest daybed model can be transformed instantly into a king-size bed. With this instant ‘king-size bed’, you will have three benefits: additional storage space availability, save space, and changeable daybed furniture (as a king-size bed or a twin bed furniture).

The following gallery displays several newest designs of daybed trundle IKEA in various sizes, styles, and finishing. Just check them out; perhaps one of them suits your personal style and need.


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