How to Decorate Your Large Bay Window with Low Budget without Reducing Beauty Element

Window. It is the most elegant and vintage part of any house. It shares the nuance of outdoor and indoor at the same time. It is the ventilation that gives abandon natural light to every house. Appearing in various styles, bay window is the greatest design that you can have! In addition, with appropriate drape idea, you can explore the most gorgeous beautiful look!

Curtain. Yeah, curtain is the easiest decoration that you can apply on your bay window. It is affordable, but the beauty is just the same as the sophisticated one. Choosing a curtain design means mixing and matching between the bay window and the curtain itself. However, brown patterned curtain with baloon is the most adorable one to cover your arched bay window!

Meanwhile, navy blue curtain design is another gorgeous drape design. It gives elegant look to every interior, especially to cover your bay window. With arched style, it completes everything in a glance.

If you prefer to have another style, what do you think about white frosted glass drape? It is exclusive and also stylish. It is adjustable that you can roll it up and down depends on your need.

Further, rolled white drape can be your next alternative too. It delivers beautiful texture on your bay window. Its easy to adjust character is the core of the design. In addition, it belongs to modern drape as well.

Then, for stronger drape, what about wooden deck design? It is safe, natural and also strong enough to cover your large window design!


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