Decorating Beds without Headboards

It’s true that a headboard on bed frame adds aesthetic value to the bed itself. The headboard brings beauty as well as the practical piece for a bed. Yet, the headboard is not always being the primary decorative piece for the bed. Without a headboard, we can keep making our bed attractive. We need to practice these several tips how to decorate beds without headboards.

First, if you have no sufficient space for adding a headboard but still want to have it, replace the headboard with something looks like a headboard. The artwork is best solution to apply on wall near your bed’s head. The artwork can be a poster or picture that hangs over your bed. Wrap it with a frame to add its beauty value.

If this first idea does not attract you, please try this second one. Add romantic-look fabric that is attached in the center of ceiling (over the middle of bed’s head). Rather similar solution may be practiced. This third idea is by creating a sheer canopy over the bed.

Beds without headboards look wonderful after being garnished with high-value wall art like a painting. Any paintings are applicable for such case, but you need to highlight it with striking decoration like frame. You may use your handmade artwork to be applied above your bed. Another inspiring idea of decorating the beds without headboards is by choosing a perfect spot to put your bed. The bed with large glass window as the ‘giant and visible headboard’ sound so interesting to practice, right? The ‘headboard’ is able to present morning view when you wake up from night sleep.


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